We work with many partners including:

Dudick Inc

Dudick Inc.
Dudick is a manufacturer of high performance coatings, flooring and tank linings with thousands of projects in food processing, steel manufacturing, chemical processing, micro-electronics, pulp and paper, waste treatment, and bio containment.

Since 1999 Drew Paints has represented Dudick Coatings in Oregon and Southwest Washington. In 2009 Drew Paints was giving the remaining areas of Washington to represent for Dudick Coatings.



NSP Specialty Products
NSP Specialty Products offers a unique line of high performance, solvent-free coating systems for concrete, steel, fiberglass and other substrates. One of the biggest advantages of NSP 120 epoxy coatings is its fast cure, only 12 hours at 77°F for full cure instead of the normal 7 days for most epoxies.

Drew Paints has been a representative distributor for NSP Specialty Products since 1998. Being able to offer our customers a unique coating like the NSP Products has giving us the opportunity to put equipment back into service quicker, saving our customers money.