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Drew Paints, Inc., offers two unique paint coatings for the motorsport industry: 09NS Series Non-Slip FIM/FIA compliant non-slip marking paint, and 09XT Series Temporary (Liquid Chalk) marking paint. Both coatings were developed to meet the specific needs of motorsport racing events.

09NS Series - Non-Slip Circuit Marking Paint
09NS Series has been specifically formulated to meet motorsports sanctioning bodies for non-slip circuit marking paint. Our development has given the 09NS Series paint excellent durability, UV resistance, high visibility, and improved safety for your racing and run off surfaces -- making the our 09NS Series an essential part of your track marking program.
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09XT Series - "Liquid Chalk" Temporary-Line Product
09XT Series Temp-Line product was developed to be like a liquid chalk, but with much better durability. You apply it like a normal paint, using spray, brush or roller. Temp-Line is easy to use -- it dries fast, with water cleanup. Once cured it will hold up to tires, foot traffic, rain, etc. This product will soften when exposed to water but will harden back up when dries. When it comes time to remove it, simply use a pressure washer to wash it away (1500 psi minimum).
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09 Series Application Guide
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